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> Constituency Brochure

COPURA created a brochure for a member of the European Parliament as part of the follow up to a conference in the field of cooperation development policy. COPURA was tasked with designing the brochure, phrasing the content and generally developing a clear message as to the role of the MEP in that conference.

> Internet Portal on European Security and Defence

The new internet portal www.SecurityCommunity.eu on Security & Defence in the EU was launched on December 1st, 2007. This website is the result of collaboration with nova webdesign and offers free access. It is a information and communication platform for opinion-leaders, experts and others working in the area of EU Security & Defence.

Your Doorway to European Security.

SecurityCommunity.eu was set up with two aims in mind. One, to give centralised access to information on EU security and defence and provide users with a more coherent overview of what is going on in the area. Second, to provide a platform for exchange and debates amongst EU opinion leaders and the greater European security and defence community. In addition to opinion pieces in video and text by leaders from institutions, governments, think tanks and other prominent members of the community, video debates and podcasts will be a regular feature of SecurityCommunity.eu, with the possibility for users to put questions directly to the speakers. The goal is to make this platform into the missing link between Brussels and the member states, facilitating communication and exchange.

A user debates section will cover current hot topics and allow all registered users to express their views. SecurityCommunity.eu also offers a comprehensive agenda of events going on in the sector in Brussels and beyond, as well as a glossary of terms used. Registration is free, simple, and fast.

SecurityCommunity.eu is not sponsored by any company or institution. It relies on users and contents partners to actively use the site and link up contents. The portal is open and accessible to all.

For more information, please visit SecurityCommunity.eu

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