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COPURA organizes conferences, seminars and workshops.

COPURA makes your events a success. We are experts in events on European topics. We are everywhere people think about Europe or work in a European context. From the small and intimate to the large and demanding, we have the capacity to manage your event. We offer a global service scheme – from defining a concept to publishing the results; from selecting VIP speakers to choosing the dessert.


Europe lives on communication and permanent personal exchanges. With COPURA, you will understand Europe and Europe will understand you... more


Be it with regard to big conferences or small workshops and seminars, COPURA has proved in the past its flexibility and its responsibility for... more

COPURA Initiatives
COPURA initiativ

COPURA not only organizes events on behalf of others, but with “COPURA Initiatives”, we put together conferences on European policies that overlap business and politics. We also offer informational... more


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