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The right communication makes presenting complex issues easier.

Europe does not operate through official channels only. The real work is often accomplished through informal networks that relay the right message at the right time. COPURA ensures your ideas reach the right ears.

> Structure

We provide comprehensive publishing services. The hardest part is always where to start, but we work with you to bring your ideas into reality. We take care of the editing and produce a convincing layout according to your specifications. We have longstanding experience in publication and we work with well-established publishing houses. This, in combination with our in-depth knowledge of European topics, allows us to be very flexible when it comes to your specific needs.

> Graphics

Graphic design in any publication is an art in itself. And it is crucial. Words can only say so much, but the right picture just says it all. We give your publication the “face” that brings your message home. In cooperation with professional graphic and web designers we make sure your message sells. We can develop your concept as a multimedia CD, and create your web page or redesign it with a new concept if you feel it needs a “face lift”.

> Clarity

If you are organising a seminar and want to publish the results in a small brochure, we will summarise the most important aspects and present them in an accessible manner. This ensure that even the most technical subjects can be communicated to a wider audience. We make hard topics easy to read.

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